Young Lions

Israel 2013 - 7th European Lotteries Congress, June 3-6, 2013, Tel Aviv, Israel
Young Lions

A special programme for young lottery professionals of the EL

The Young Lions Programme

We follow the great success!

The EL 2013 Congress in Tel-Aviv is proud to follow the great success of the Helsinki Congress. We offer again an outstanding opportunity: the second edition of Young Lions’ programme. Come and join the international EL elite team who will work together to solve some of the greatest challenges facing the lottery industry today.
Marching on the clear footprints of Helsinki, the Tel-Aviv programme will be moderated by Aki Jarvinen from Finland, the engine behind the big achievements of the first programme. Mr. Jarvinen conducted the Young Lions with a skilled hand and under his inspiration this programme was marked as one of the Congress hits.
Tel-Aviv team under his guidance will break this record!
The EL Young Lions will be given front stage and an important role in the Congress.
The main objective of the programme is to allow young talented lottery professionals to participate in the Congress in a meaningful and innovative way. Through their work and presentation at the Congress, the Young Lions are expected to shed new light on the European Lottery industry’s most pressing issues.

Young Lions' Mission
Young Lions' Mission is to make bold and innovative recommendations to the EL community on how to tackle issues common and critical for the industry’s future. The results of the work will be presented to the Congress audience as part of the business programme at the end of the Congress.

Programme objectives
• To diversify the participation base in the EL Congresses
• To allow young talented lottery professionals to take part in the Congress in a meaningful and innovative way.

The EL Young Lions need to be:
• Under 35
• working for an EL Member Lottery
• experienced in one of the following fields: Marketing, Sales, Product Development or Technology
• fluent in spoken and written English
• used to working and learning under pressure
• good at presenting themselves
• innovative and creative
• good team players.

EL members are to propose their candidates for the Young Lions’ Programme by 28 February 2013. The final composition of the Young Lions’ Team will be decided by the Congress organizers by 15 March 2013.
Please send your lottery proposal with the candidates' CV to the EL 2013 organizer by email:

An offer you can’t refuse

The Young Lion has the chance to participate in the EL Congress and Young Lions’ programme at the special price of €375 together with the “first regular member” of his or her lottery!

Young Lions’ Coach Aki Järvinen

The four-day intensive ideation session will be conducted by Mr. Aki Järvinen, Ph.D. He has over ten years of experience in developing games and business strategies for high-profile consumer-focused customers including Veikkaus, the Finnish National Lottery. He has developed a stunning array of innovations for various business platforms, including lottery, mobile, and online gaming.
Mr. Järvinen has a Ph.D. in game studies, and he is currently working for Digital Chocolate, one of the industry leaders in games for social networks, such as Facebook. He has given talks in numerous international events, both in business and academic contexts. As an avid blogger, he has emerged as one of the social games industry's thought-leaders. When combined with his first-hand knowledge of the lottery business, his unique mix of expertise will help young lottery professionals see their own trade and its opportunities in a new light.

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