Do not miss your opportunity ---registration to the exhibition now open!
Mifal Hapais, Israel National Lottery, and Toto, the Israel Sports Betting Board, have the honour to invite you to participate in IsraEL 2013 - the 7th European Lotteries Congress,
June 3-6, 2013 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, `The City That Never Sleeps` will be the location for a very unique and outstanding event.
Tel Aviv has rightfully earned its worldwide reputation as an unparalleled destination, offering bright seashores, a wide range of first-rate culinary, shopping, culture, entertainment opportunities and a special mixture of both western and oriental scent. A place to enjoy!
Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, located only 45 minutes from Tel Aviv, and a city that no visitor ever forgets, will also be an integral part of the Congress.
We promise you an unforgettable experience and a winning combination.
We will put Israel's proven professional capabilities and state-of-the-art technologies at your disposal while offering your company a unique opportunity to exhibit, meet your customers and talk business with the leading executives of European lotteries.
Gathered under one roof in a business most efficient environment makes Tel Aviv Congress the perfect point for you.

We are working out a unique business program that will make this Congress unforgettable. The business program will concentrate on the Customer. It will show innovations and new trends within the lottery industry and emphasize the role of state lotteries in creating a better society and quality of life. Some worldwide leading keynote speakers will make the discussions interesting, attractive and efficient.

We are working hand-in-hand with the European Lotteries to bring you inspiration, excitement, innovation—a professionally run gathering and a prestigious first-class Congress.
We invite you all to take part in IsraEL 2013 Lifetime experience.

See you in Israel in the spring of 2013!

Do not miss your opportunity ---registration to the exhibition now open!

Photos by:The Israel Ministry of Tourism: www.goisrael.com                                                   European Lotteries association                                                              

The European Lotteries          Ortra Ltd.

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